Trying to get back in the groove

So with the holidays coming to a close I’m trying to get my Groove back, another take on my red riding hood inspiration, I’ll admit I need to practice patience and just keep trying..


Bummer I it actually like this unfinished version better 😜


Love the light shining in here


This is me saying I’m finished, I hate the fact I think she’s not perfect proportion wise, In saying that she’s still pretty fab hahaha knowing me ill touch up here and there lol. Need to learn hair techniques 😜 lighting, shading pretty much everything 😉

Makeup sale

I’m relatively conservative with makeup, through a group on fb heard priceline had 40% off all cosmetics tues-weds so thought why not…here’s my stash and I’m happy 😊 can’t wait to try it, I’ll post pics if I’m brave enough later x


Skin care

So I needed something for Miss 9 for a skin care routine and I didn’t want it loaded up on chemicals.
I came across the Sukin Range at the Chemist at around $9.95 which I now know you can get from the discount chemists so it may be cheaper, I got sensitive as her skin is so young.
This is a Australian natural skincare Brand.
We have the Cleansing Gel,Facial Moisturiser, and deodorant We find its great for general maintenance and easy for Miss9 to use, thankfully in pump bottles and a spray bottle.

The deodorant being natural isn’t irritating on her young skin.

For the breakout times we use another Made in Australia product called Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Face wash for Acne, this is another great product thats soothing on her skin not harsh or full of chemicals and is soap free, containing tea tree oil to help control bacteria and organic Chamomile extract to soothe the skin.

If there are other mums out there who has any advice on natural products you use I’d love to hear from you xx

Subscription box Addiction

This started with my 1st Redpawpaw box at $5 + $11.95 postage rrp is $30+ I thought this was a great way to start sampling products I wouldn’t normally buy, the only thing I couldn’t use were the dish washing tablets, I’m not quite sure it’s worth $30 but the $16.95 I did pay was ok with me.


Newbie Blogger

Hi first time Blogger please be kind, Love my full-time job as a Mummy, I wont claim that it’s easy there will be  bumps along the way, just trying to sit here and write this daughter 1 is shoving her lost tooth in my face, while daughter 2 is whispering gibberish in my ear and putting me into the choker hold. As I enjoy to many thing’s to make this into one kind of Blog I wont do that, the world is full of to may wondrous things for that. Come along on my journey its bound to get a little crazy mummyish.