Crystal utopia

IMG_1615.JPGWoohoo more parcels, where to start…through my bestie I became a member of a Facebook page called Crystal Utopia, Ive always liked crystals but never deeply in like the healing properties etc, so I’d pop in and out of the CU FB page and then they started having sales, and I was smack bang in the middle of ‘crystal people going wild’, it was a frenzy and I loved it the people on the page are amazing there kind and caring towards one another they talk about everything that involves crystals and not lol and its a freakin amazing bunch of people did I say that already?? That’s because I mean it!! They have kk in July and again now which this year they did kiddes, we just posted ours the other day and from tracking they should have received them yesterday 😊 anyway This is my latest spend and I’m loving it all..

IMG_1641.JPG included are some I don’t know so your guess is as good as mine I’ll have to pop on cu and ask at some stage, in my Ultimate pack yes it’s a certain price for these ones where a singing skull, that’s the one with his mouth open, the smaller skull, some tumbled crystals there the polished looking ones, a small agate geode, some chipped crystals “there just smaller pieces, a tumbled rose quartz a baby elephant and a heart.





IMG_1639.JPGnext are some pieces of tourmaline they look like lollies do not eat 😳

IMG_1621.JPGa small piece of titanium aura

IMG_1627.JPGa Brazilian bird on unakite I don’t know what the bird is? And a dolomite owl on a dolomite book


IMG_1637.JPGa clear Quartz terminated wand which im holding in my hand, a green adventurine budda, a budda with incense and small stones? I’m not sure if there crystals and two marble sized spheres that are lapis, and amethyst/chevron




IMG_1629.JPG I also found this surfing the net if your interested in looking at some of the meanings of crystals and there properties Healing Stone Meanings of Crystals and Chakra Stones xx have a great day I better go do something lol ps I added some pics 2x my bad 😜